Gentle, effective approach

to water safety and swimming

Welcome to Kidswim

Looking for a safe environment for your child to learn and swim?

We specialize in teaching children and babies to swim. Water, fun and learning to swim in a stimulating, nurturing environment, which can foster a growing sense of self esteem, building confidence and independence is all part of the package. The methods used are non-threatening, gentle and effective, encouraging each child’s inherent ability. Our knowledge of the physical and psychological development of children in relation to their learning of swimming skills is a strong feature.

Water safety is a prime concern and it is our aim to create better awareness in and around water, developing life saving skills and ultimately early swimming in an effective and responsible way. Parents who accompany their babes in the water act as co-teachers with lessons being tailored around the child’s development and maturity. Age appropriate skills are taught. Children also learn from observing their class mates and from personal experimentation and play.

What people say

Swemlesse by Kidswim is vol pret en n’ hoogepunt in my kinders se week. Hulle weet hoe  om individueel met elke kind te werk om hulle maklik in die water to laat voel”.
- Cora van Olst
kidswim south africa
“Children are respected as individuals, each with their own special character, temperament and ability. They are never pushed beyond their ability.”
Our lessons are structured to ensure maximum exposure to the water and the use of toys and engaging aquatic apparatus further enhance the learning experience. Our passionate teachers are appropriately qualified, well trained and experienced.

Programmes Available

  • Kidswim
    (6 months -12 months)
    Parent-tot group approach. Max 6 per group. Orientation and water safety
  • Kidswim
    (1-3 years)
    Parents accompany toddlers until around 3 years. Water safety and confidence strong feature.
  • Kidswim
    Age appropriate water safety and learn to swim. Group size ave 3
  • Kidswim
    (4 years plus)
    Previous Experience
    Introduction to formal swimming and technique plus Stroke.



Attributes central to our success

  • Kidswim
    Methods are child and parent centred.
  • Kidswim
    We LOVE what we do which results in many competent, confident and happy pupils.
  • Kidswim
    Teachers are suitably qualified, well trained and teach from a creative fun loving perspective.
  • Kidswim
    Enclosed heated pool, designed for teaching with a large step area for children to play and experiment on.
  • Kidswim
    We work within the guidelines laid out by Swimming South Africa.
  • Kidswim
    A positive, warm and friendly learning environment.
“Do anything, but let it produce joy” Walter Whitman
  • Kidswim
  • Kidswim
  • Kidswim
  • Kidswim

Guidelines for baby swimming as laid out by Swimming SA

Before enrolling, visit the premises.
Watch for class size, pool space, depth, temperature and hygiene of premises.
Question the philosophy of the swim centre
Ask questions about experience and success rates.
Ask for the teacher’s certificates and level of training.
Ask whether the instructor/swim school is affiliated to any swim body association.
Match your child’s personality with the methodology that the swimming teacher intends using as well as with the teachers personality.